What makes these celebrities special?

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Kim Richards

In 1976 I saw "Escape to Witch Mountain". I was 13 at the time and had my first serious crush on a movie star, Kim. I convinced my parents to take me to the drive-in a few more times. As she got older, all she did was get more beautiful.

In the fall of 1999, when I first started going on the net, I did some searching on her and found out about fan clubs. I searched for a fan club for her, but could not find one, so I started one. It can be found at:

My dreams came true when she called me on February 9, 2000. We talked for an hour, which is one phone call I will never forget. It makes a website extra special when you know the person it's about knows about it.

Her site can be found at www.KimRichards.net/.

In late January, 2002, Kim emailed me and we now stay in touch.

Tara Lipinski

Way back when I was young, in grade 8, the first girl I really liked was an amateur figure skater. In grade 9, her figure skating moved forward and she started travelling. I ended up not seeing her anymore because she was never home. A little later I read an article in the paper; she was doing very well. I have never seen her since. The next couple times that I watched figure skating I was reminded of her. I knew I wouldn't see her again and wanted to stop thinking about her, so I quit watching figure skating.

In 1998 I was watching "Touched By an Angel" and guess who appeared, Tara. By this time, I had forgotten all about my friend, but after a few minutes of her skating, my memory was refreshed; mostly because Tara looked so much like my friend. When the show was over, I wanted to watch it again, because I liked the memories it brought back, and because Tara was so beautiful, just like my friend. The show was on again later on a different station, so I recorded it. I watched it several times, decided to find out more about Tara, and started watching figure skating once again.

My site about Tara can be found at http://TaraLipinski.specialcelebrities.com.

A fan club that I help with is at clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/taralipinskisskateclub.

Meredith Henderson

I knew a very beautiful Christian lady for a few years who had a daughter. They were both wonderful people. The only thing that kept me from asking her out was that she was married. I found out one day that she was getting divorced, but also found out it was for another man. I had to settle with just being a friend, but after she remarried, they moved away. That was about 3 years ago.

About a year later, in the summer of 1999, I saw Meredith Henderson in "The Adventures Of Shirley Holmes".
I was just going through the channels to see what was on and saw her. What caught my attention was her appearance, or to be more precise, who she looked like. She looked exactly like the daughter that moved away.

For that reason alone, I left my tv on that channel. I found the show to be very interesting and found out who the actress was. I then started searching the net to see what I could find out and started watching "The Adventures Of Shirley Holmes" because I liked the show and because it brought back good memories.

That's how I became a fan of hers, and that's why she's one of my favorite actresses. She is a very beautiful, young Canadian actress.

Meredith knows about my website at http://MeredithHenderson.specialcelebrities.com.

Sara Rush

Why does Sarah get her own site?

I didn't even know who Sarah was until a year ago. A friend of mine who was helping me with my Kim Richards fan club brought her to my attention. Together we started a fan club for her. Later on he asked me about putting together a web site about Sarah for him, so I did.

So far my favorite show of hers is "Years Of The Beast".

Sarah is now part of our fan club, and visits her official website at www.sarahrush.com/ regularly.

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